About me

I was always drawn to wild spaces, even if it was a tunnel IMG_20160328_095026through some bushes in the garden, I could never get enough of letting my imagination run wild in the knowledge of my own seclusion, as if during those times away from influences and the eyes of others, I was the only person on earth free to play in a garden where everything presented itself in a curious mix of colours, shapes, smells, and textures.

I grew up in Cape Town and when I wasn’t having my head filled with largely useless information I ran amok in the mountains, camped on their windy summits, and searched for waves. I had a good childhood that involved the wholesome activities of collecting tadpoles, building treehouses, sword fighting with my brother and sliding down grassy slopes on pieces of cardboard. Nowadays I do much of the same thing, but also enjoy losing my skin while rock climbing and making my lips turn blue in the cold atlantic.

After bouncing between schools that had me dressing like a little soldier replete with ties and khaki pants I flew to the Caribbean to meet my dad, the salty sea dog.  After a year of sailing and working in construction in the Virgin Islands I bought a boat and began sailing her mostly solo around the islands seeking out hidden surf spots and eating stolen fruit. I fell easily into the slow rythm of island living and befriended the strangest bunch of hoodlums. Boating, being wet, tanned, and shoeless was a way of life for us. We were free, alive and happy.

I sold my boat, Fandango and returned home to scratch my head and wonder why I had left. I tried everything from teaching, to care work in England, to pizza delivery and eventually found myself setting sail again on a delivery with my old man from the Caribbean via the Panama Canal to Australia. We nearly killed each other, and often took our frustration out on an autopilot that had failed us. On my return I started a company involved in yacht deliveries and the sales of new and used boats.

Then, in 2010 I began delivering catamarans from Cape Town to various destinations around the world for a large company, and in 2015 started up my business again delivering yachts, which I will continue to run, although will farm most of the work out to other skippers.

Finally, I am listening to what I feel I am being called to do – to help this planet and its people.


Yacht Master Offshore 200 ton with commercial endorsement            RYA                                                                                                                                           Yacht Master offshore (Motor & Sail) 100 ton – South African                 Sailing                                                                                                                                       Coastal Skippers (Motor & Sail) – South African Sailing                             PADI Dive Master – Pisces Dive Centre                                                               Bachelor of Arts Degree with Majors in English and Mandarin –            UNISA                                                                                                                                   STCW (First Aid, Fire fighting, Survival at sea)                                                 TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language