My Promotional Stand at Long Beach Mall on Saturday 23rd April

The stall at Long beach mall on Saturday was a complete success. I had the help and support of my 2 besties, Silas Kruger and Philip Smulian, and later by my missus. I managed to raise R2713.35 for trees to be planted at the 2016 Zambia Festival of Action. I am overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of people I approached. Many showed a deep concern for the earth and took time to inspire, encourage, advise and congratulate me. Many donated as much as R100 at a time, and one lady, a whopping R250. Thank you all of you – to those that gave their hard earned cash and to those could not afford to, but took the time to chat with me and offer words of inspiration.

The Administration – Phil and Silas
The Bike, which on this day many were trying to buy off me
2 of my sponsors – Cycle Lab, Tokai and Tracks 4 Africa
The Display Stand – Before the crowd’s arrival
The Table

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