My New Sponsor – Cycle Lab Tokai

Feeling Blessed! Cycle Lab, Tokai (Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park) have expressed their concern for the environment and deforestation by sponsoring an assortment of vital tools, gear, apparel and gadgetry! Mathew, helped select the ideal bike for me, and while I zipped around the peninsula taking care of other errands, replaced the tyres on the bike with tubeless ones and fitted 2 bottle cages and made whatever other secret adjustments a novice cycler like me wouldn’t yet understand. Mathew, the manager had a friendly and helpful team of technicians at hand and the shop itself has a great selection of bikes and gear. Thank you Cycle Lab, Tokai for making my journey possible!


The Gear – Sponsored by Cycle Lab, Tokai


And finally my vehicle, my transport, my pack horse, my bike…. The Merida Big 9 – what a piece of work she is! She must be named! Thanks again Cycle Lab, Tokai for supplying me with the perfect machine! I’m going for a spin!

The Machine

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